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Getting a product outlawed and banned by the FDA.

Farmington, MI |

I would like to know what paper work, and what process I need to take (even if it means going door to door getting signatures) to get Phenylalanine/Aspartame outlawed for food usage. I am on the Board of Directors of a national home improvement company. I have the man power to get door to door signatures. I have a whole staff team of salesman and canvassers who are willing to help out for this cause. I am prepared to do what ever is necessary to see this dangerous and toxic product to be removed from food items. Phenylalanine when ingested is processed by your body and turned into Methyl Alcohol. Methyl Alcohol when processed by the body, is further broken down into Formaldehyde (Embalming Fluid). A very dangerous poison which should NEVER be consumed for various health reasons..

Please review the studies of Dr. Ralph S. Walton (Psychiatrist) Russell L. Blaylock. M.D. (Board Certified Neurosurgeon) Arthur Evangelista (Former FDA Investigator) Dr. Jerome Bressler (76 page report of Aspartame/Phenylalanine)

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Very Simple: hire an attorney to guide you in the petition process, mounting a legislative initiative. In the recent election, in Michigan alone, those ran about $50,000,000 each.

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