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Georgia civil litigation procedures, answer to civil complaint

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How long does it take for the plaintiff to respond to the answer of a civil summons? It has been almost 45 days since I filed my answer with the court, and I have heard nothing. Does the state of Georgia have a time limit?

I would like to know how to file a respond to the civil summons

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There is generally a 30 day time period to answer a complaint after service. Note that is it begins after service. Look carefully at the summons and it will tell you this. If the time for answer has passed (usually most attorneys wait 45 days after service) then you may be entitled to default judgment.

Note that this information is general information and your specific circumstances may vary. Further, there are situations where the court may reopen the time to file an answer in some circumstances. You should consult with your legal counsel. Many local county court websites have information on default judgment and what you should do in their sections on Magistrates courts.

Good luck to you.