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Generation Date of Notice to Withhold Income the date changed? NJ child support

Trenton, NJ |

Hello when I first looked at my enforcement details on my nj child support it said a notice to withhold was issued 10/17/13 and now it says it was issued 11/1/13 why the change in date does this mean his employer didn't compile with the first noticed? I can't seem to get a hold of nj probation to get a answer is the norm when dealing with back child support and new employers?

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It is sometimes quite difficult to get a return call. You might consider visiting the Probation Office to address your questions face to face IMO.

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It is quite difficult to get through to the probation department, however, it may be worth your wait to get to the bottom of the issue. You can also ask your employer whether they have received anything from the probation department and when the garnishment will kick in.

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