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Generally, what questions can a debtor ask in INTERROGATORIES IN AID OF EXECUTION FOR JUDGMENT DEBTOR in Florida

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Generally, what kind of questions are they allowed to ask, and what is too much? Is there some type of reference material available that I can use? I know that Florida complies with the "Fair Dept Collection Practices Act", but is there any other references out there?

For example... I rent my living quarters... I'll provide my address and personal inventory... can I object to them asking for my landlords information since I don't see why they would need that. What legal reason would they have to contact my landlords? They also want to know my security deposit.... surely they can't go after my landlords for that?

They are asking for my bank account numbers... I'm assuming they can ask that....

I'm willing to read and learn... any good reference guides?

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I don't have a reference guide for you but in general they can pretty much ask about any assets you have. The landlord and security information is relevant because when you move out that landlord can receive a turnover order to release those finds to the judgment creditor. They can ask about accounts, wages, employer information, etc.

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