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Gave my tenant 36 hours notice that we were to be there to clean out the gutters. Can tenant deny me access to do maintenance?

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Tenant told us 5 days ago that during rainstorms, water was flowing under the storm door and drenching the indoor/outdoor carpeting in the enclosed porch; it is uninsulated, unheated and attached to the house. Per lease I am required to give her 24 hours notice and it does not say that I have to get her permission. She would be out of town and I assured her that we were not entering the house; only cleaning out the gutters. We were concerned that the storms tomorrow would be so heavy that any more water would eventually damage the basement walls. We were trying to satisfy a complaint.

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From the facts you've posted, you've given adequate notice. Your tenant cannot deny you the right to make repairs to protect the dwelling -- especially if those repairs don't involve going inside the leased premises.

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I do not see any reason why you would not be able to clean the gutters. This is an outdoor repair and if you do not repair this, it could likely do more damage to the inside of the home as well as tenant's belongings. You have followed proper procedure and given 24 hours notice (36 hours, actually), and you are well within your rights to repair the gutters.

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Carol Lynne Zimmerly

Carol Lynne Zimmerly


Try to make the repairs after notice. If the tenant bars you from the premises,then serve them with a notice of non-compliance with lease that can be cured.


In this situation you may certainly make the repair to the gutters. You gave proper notice and your not even going inside to make the repair.

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