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Garnishment due to defaulting on Home Owners Association dues

Tacoma, WA |

We were sued by our former H.O.A. in GA. Their attorneys managed to garnish our checking account.
1, We moved to WA and we'd like to find out if they can garnish our wages here.
2. Is there anything we can do to prevent them from garnishing our wages until we can make payment arrangements / reach a settlement?

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Typically, the judgment creditor must register the judgment in the county in which your property is to be attached and wages are to be garnished. Search the Washington courts website to see if any local action has been opened by going to and then go to the recorder's web site for your county and search for your names there. For most Washington counties, a simple internet search will bring it up. Once you have that data, if it exists, you will have more information to provide any attorney that may be able to assist you. If you are low income, you can try to qualify for legal assistance through "CLEAR." If you are not low income, I think it is probably worth hiring an attorney to see if you do have any defenses that you could assert in order to negotiate from a position of strength. The judgment in GA, if registered here, will be valid for ten (10) years, and can be renewed even beyond that. It is worth it to be proactive in dealing with this. The creditor does not have to accept a payment plan, and many folks make the mistake of thinking that they have an enforceable agreement, but do not. Have an attorney help you with this.

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Thomas Morningstar in Tacoma can help you with this. Also, in Pierce County, google "Pierce County LINX" and there is a very searchable website where you can see if anything has been filed against you in Superior Court. Hope this helps - Elizabeth Powell

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