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Garnished wages exempted in a now discharged chapter 7 need to be recovered. What motions need to be filed to get money back?

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Money was garnished from my wages until I filed Chapt 7 back in April. My discharge has come in and I want to get the money that was garnished back. I exempted the entire amount in my bankruptcy so I shuold be able to revocer the full amount.

Is it even mandatory that I go throught he court. Shouldn't a letter requesting the refund along with a copy of my discharge be enough?

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Without reviewing your Bankruptcy Petition and the documents related to the Garnishment, it is impoosible to give a definite Answer; however:

Your Bankruptcy Attorney should be able to easily handle the matter for you - without the necessity of any further Motions filed within the US Bankruptcy Court.

If you do not have a Bankruptcy Attorney; i.e., you filed and conducted the Bankruptcy matter pro se (by yourself), the letter together with the Notice of Commencement of Case, the Discharge, the Order Closing the Case, and the pertinent Schedules showing the Exemption of the garnished wages should suffice - if the garnished wages iccurred within 90 days prior to the date of the filing of the action.

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