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GA debt collection settlement law, fair debt collection practices act

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I had major surgery 2years ago. The only bill I got behind on was on one department store credit card bill. I sent what I could but not making the minimum payment for about 3 months. I called them and told them I would send them what I could but they wanted to take a certain amount directly out of my checking account. I refused to let them have my checking account number. They then sent it to a collection agency. Appearently this bill has been through at least five differend debt collectors. They leave messages on my answering machine but will not tell me what it is in reference to or who they are so I don't call them back. Now today I recieved a letter from a Law office from South Ga. stating that this Funding Company has placed my account with this attorney's office for collection. This has really stressed my husband and myself out. I can see if I didn't offer in the first place to pay them. What should I do? It is taking everything we have right not to survive with the economy the way it is.

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There is some new caselaw about what information debt collectors must disclose when they make contact with alleged debtors. I would like to speak with you about this matter. If there is no Fair Debt Collection Practices Act or Fair Credit Act issue to pursue, my advice will be pro bono. My voicemail is 888.662.5232.