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From federal prison do you have to go to a halfway house for 6 months?

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If so does your supervised release time begin from the time you go to a halfway house? Or does supervised release begin after the halfway house?

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Supervised release begins after the halfway house. I believe you can refuse the halfway house, but then you will have to do the 6 months in prison instead.


I believe supervised release begins once you are released from the halfway house. The best way to determine how that will work is to contact the officer that will be in charge of your release.

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The halfway house is designed to be a "re-entry" program which helps the person get assimilated into the free world again. They assist the person with finding a job, housing, and more, which ultimately takes the pressure off of the person, and in theory, will encourage them to stay out of custody. You can refuse it, but refusal does result in more jail time. It's better to look at the positives of the halfway house than to waste more time in prison. My thoughts anyway.

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Supervised release begins after you are processed out of the halfway house. You are allowed to refuse the halfway house, but it will not get you out any sooner; you would just do an additional six months in custody.

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