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From 200 hr community service,only 50 hr completed,case is misdemeanor,i have been busy with my mom medical condition ..........

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i could nt finished the service beside the place i go for community service only offers on Sundays work and i was not be able to go there, do u think judge will order to the jail or if i ask the judge and describe about the situation and like i have been employed full time is a chance to get second extension. what is the law in California?

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Go back to court now before the date of completion has passed. Bring all the proof you can of your mothers medical condition and request an extension.
Robert Driessen

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Attorney Driessen is correct. Courts hate when people ignore their obligations and wait until it is too late to inform them. You have a much better chance of simply getting more time to complete your community service, if you get before the Court earlier, on your own request, to inform the Court of the problem.

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I agree with both answers previously given. If you can't do the community service on Sundays, the judge may also advise you to find another place to do your community service. Most important thing, as previously stated, is to put your case on calendar and request an extension, BEFORE the due date of your 200 hours.

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