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Friend was drving w/o a license, in a car his roommate bought but never registered. He was arrested, and has court.

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My friend, was driving to work when he got pulled over. He does not have a license, and the cars tags were to his roommates old van. He was arrested and bonded out for $50 within 2 hours. He has court next week, and I was wondering the severitity of the situation. His tickets were driving w/o valid license and unlaw alteration of tag. He doesn't have money yet to get his license, and the car is still in the impound lot. The owner does not have money to get it registered, insured, out. How can he prove that the car in question was not his?

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I think your question would get a better response in the "criminal defense" section. But, from back when I did practice criminal law, your friend would likely be eligible for the misdemeanor intervention program (MIP) or something to that effect. In which he would have to pay a fine, do some community service, etc. But, the benefit would be the State would drop the charge after he successfully completes the program. At least that is the way it was done in Tampa, a few years ago. Again, you should ask the question on the "criminal defense" section and/or seek the assistance of a criminal defense attorney.

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He needs a criminal attorney and not a personal injury lawyer! It does not matter that the car was not his. He should not have been driving ANYONE's car for that matter.

Good Luck!

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