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Friend fighting deportation asked for character reference...he said I need to include proof of id..what proof should I include?

Fair Lawn, NJ |

I just want to make sure I give him what he needs. I am also little hesitant to give my id..concerned with my id being stolen or something.

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You should not need to provide any photo identification. A letter with your name, address and phone number clearly printed at the top with the appropriate certification should be sufficient.


Any document which proofs your identity, nationality and legal status in the US. You are doing this as a favor, you are not required to do so. If you don't do it, however, your friend may be deported.
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If your friend is under proceedings, I hope he has an attorney representing him before the immigration court. If so, the attorney should be contacting you with regard to this matter, and should prepare whatever doucmentation is needed. I would agree that blindly giving a copy of your identification is a bad idea.

This answer is of a general nature and should not be relied upon as final, nor is it intended as legal advice. A consultation with an experienced attorney is always the best way to go.


The ICE prosecuting attorney may object, and the immigration judge may not accept the document, or may assign very little if any weight to it if it is not accompanied by a copy of a legal identification. I agree that if it is notarized and contains the information that attorney Guerra previously listed, it should be fine. However, it may be that the ID can verify the stated legal status of the affiant. Finally, you must decide what risk is involved in providing a copy of your drivers license for example. Many places take copies of licenses, like Doctors offices at the first visit and the like. Certainly, if you are not comfortable with it don't do it. Finally, I agree that if your friend is represented you should discuss your concerns with his lawyer.

Joseph G. Cella, Esq.
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