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Freest DUI offense and only thing on my record since 08 can I seal it ?

Lake Worth, FL |

On this date 08/09/08 I had my first run in with the law at the time I was 21 years of age. I pledge no content did everything I had to do and this is the only thing on my record since then. It is now 03/04/13 I was wondering if there is anyway I can seal or expunge this childish mistake from my recored?. It's holding me back from going to college and it kills me because I could of prevented it, I am a wife soon to be homeowner and full time worker.

** First DUI Offense state of Florida

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If you are referring to a first and only DUI charge, unfortunately no, Florida law does not allow for sealing or expungement of this charge.


If you pled to the Dui you can not seal or expunge it in the State of Florida. Sorry.

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Unfortunately, the other attorneys are correct. You will be unable to seal your record if you pled to a DUI.


I agree with the other attorneys. In Florida you must be adjudicated guilty by statute if you were convicted or entered a plea of no contest to DUI. Once adjudicated guilty you are no longer eligible to seal or expunge your record.


Florida does not permit the sealing or expunging of a DUI charge. They do this because multiple DUI offenses on a persons record trigger increased penalties each time that person is arrested and convicted.

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