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Fraudulent Marriage in Prison

Syracuse, NY |

I am the Power of Attorney for an inmate serving 10 years in prison. His manipulative ex-girlfriend has been writing him letters and giving him false hope of a life together after his release. Her plan is to marry him while he's in prison, but I know for a fact that her intentions are not pure. She's going to marry him so she can have all of his assets, and unfortunately he has agreed to this because she made him feel guilty that she's unable to take care of herself, even though she's a grown adult. It's hard to make him believe that she's using him when he so blindly believes that she loves him. Am I able to make some sort of intervention? Can I do anything to stop this from happening? Seems like a dumb question to even ask, but what she's doing is wrong. I appreciate any advice..thanks

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You can challenge his mental acuity and get a court order in State Supreme Court on a civil issue.


Your status as an agent per the POA does not let you do as you wish with the assets, even if you think it's for his own good. He is necessarily always the beneficiary of your actions as an agent, and you cannot intervene unless he wishes you to, and for that he does not need you. Also, keep in mind he can revoke your authority at any time.

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