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Fraud on bankruptcy with income?

Minneapolis, MN |

I know of someone of who signed their income statement on chapter 7 saying they didn't have a job for the previous 6 months before filing. I see on their LinkedIn page that they were indeed employed. Is this case for fraud?

Thank you for your response! So how do you go about reporting this then? We contacted the trustee assigned to the case and he wasn't helpful at all. Should we contact the US trustee?

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Everyone who files for bankruptcy is required to sign those documents attesting that they are truthful. They do so under penalty of perjury. The banakruptcy court and the US Trustee's office takes this very seriously. Sometimes, those filing for bankruptcy will accidentally omit an asset or a debt, and in those cases amendments can be made to made the filing accurate. However, an intention ommission will result in a discharge being denied or worse criminal prosecution.


If you are aware of what appears to be bankruptcy fraud, you can report it to the U.S. Trustee's office. They will investigate such reports.


Print out whatever evidence you have and take it to the U.S. Trustee. Fraud is taken seriously and they will investigate. If the case was filed fraudulently, then severe actions will be taken. Just be certain that your evidence is correct.

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