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Fourth Degree Assault in Seattle

Seattle, WA |

A friend was over at a bakery in downtown seattle when he saw a rat run by. He told the owner and the owner started cursing at him. The owner is old and they got into a shouting match and he left after that. He did not touch the owner. Now after three days Seattle police charged my friend with Fourth Degree Assault and his arraignment if scheduled for October 3rd. How can this be possible? What can he do to fight this false charge?

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If your friend is being falsely accused of assault, he definitely should consider hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney or getting a public defender to represent him and help him fight the charge.


An assault can occur in a couple different ways. Actual touching or physical contact is just one way. It sounds like the so called victim may have embellished what happened to the police. Your friend should speak with an attorney immediately to prepare a defense against these accusations.

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