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Found guilty 8 counts of 166 PC (4); violating a court order, not giving court ordered visitations, in Civil Court (Family Law).

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I've been found guilty in contempt from family court on 166 PC (4) on 8 counts. I took my child out of the state and he served me with contempt charges, went through a trial and was found guilty on 8 counts. My sentence is one year probation. My question is what do I do now? How will this affect me and my future? I have temporary physical and legal custody of our child will I lose it? My attorney told me I could go and now this what should I do? Should I just give up and accept he won? Is there an attorney that can help me I am on my third attorney looking for another one. How will it look inn court if I am on my fourth attorney and he still has his original attorney?

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Too many specific questions that turn on facts not posted for you to get a meaningful answer in this forum.

FWIW, you have been found in contempt and placed on probation--the terms of which define what your options are for the future--my gut tells me you had better get an advisor (therapist, attorney, life coach--not exactly sure how you'd be best served) and get your life straightened out because if you run afoul of the court again--you might be facing a real problem.

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It is hard to say what will happen next. Just having some findings of contempt and probation alone is not that big of a deal if nothing happens with custody. Usually the father would have had a simultaneous hearing to change custody, along with the contempt motions. But he didn't, so maybe he knows he can't or the Judge denied that option.

Moving on to your 4th attorney is a red flag for other attorneys and maybe a small one for the Judge. My experience is that Judges are focused on the best interests of your child, not the number of attorneys you have hired. You will probably have to pay a larger retainer than usual to hire a 4th attorney, since a lawyer will see you as a likely 'problem client'. That may not be true, but just be prepared for that attitude. You will find an attorney that will represent you. Avvo is a good place to start looking for one.

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