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Found bug/roach in food while eating at restaurant.Should i sue them?

Edison, NJ |

I was out for lunch with one of my friend . We ordered parathion ( stuffed bread ) and while eating I found roach inside it . I went to counter with plate to see what is in plate . The guy who serve plate was pretending that nothing happed . . and was saying from where it came . . from roof it may fell of . . i was upset and taken picture for that . I also did not take any refund and returned sweets which i was taken . What should I do ? Can I sue them ? Please suggest . I have photo and receipt for the same .

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This is such an unpleasant experience to have. Unfortunately without any damages, you really do not have a viable case against the restaurant. Getting your money back and hopefully an apology is typically all you can get in this situation. Sorry to hear about this.


You would have to be able to show damages. Though you can definitely get a refund as you did not (thankfully) become ill etc. there is not really a claim.

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You should be able to get a full refund and perhaps some coupons. Without injury, a lawsuit would be fruitless.

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Depends on whether or not roaches are one of the ingredients in the stuffed bread. :)

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This is a claim likely not worth pursuing with a lawsuit.

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