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Fort Lauterdale Timeshare Rip-off

San Francisco, CA |

We bought 2 timeshares from a Fort Lauterdale resort in January of 2008. It was all done by phone and I asked a million questions as well as sent questions by email. After we purchased the timeshares we discovered that much of what the told was either a half truth or an outright lie. Plus, to top it off, we live in Canada, which makes it more difficult to take legal action. Can you tell me if we would have a case to sue?

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We don't have an attorney-client relationship, you are not relying on me to take any action, and this is not legal advice:

It is impossible to answer your question without seeing the documentation. I would expect the contract says something like "we have not made any representations to you, you are not relying on anything we said outside of this contract, and this contract sets forth our entire understanding." Chances are you would have to litigate or arbitrate the case here. (The contract probably waives jury trial and may provide for arbitration instead of litigation, and probably designates where.) If you have proof of material misrepresentations (half truths might not be enough), you may be able to argue fraud in the inducement, fraudulent misrepresentation, violation of FUDTPA, etc.

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