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Former adoptive family severely abused me for the decade they had me causing severe emotional difficulty. What can I do about it

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It's been 15 years since they last had me. I grow up in group homes. Only now, close to age 30, am I finally beginning to recover emotionally. However I still have PTSD and emotional issues caused by the severe abuse during that time. IT has essentially incapacitated me most of my life, causing me to be unable to work in actual work places due to outbursts of anger and social issues as a result of the sever abuse and seclusion (locked in cage in the basement) that I experienced during childhood. I am so intelligent, I could have done so much in life if not for all the devastatingly debilitating emotional turmoil as a result of the childhood abuse and resulting issues and PTSD. I long for justice.

Apparently they got away with it, but the court proceedings that I was not a part of with regards to the abuse (a family member brought them to court when I had spoken to them in confidence), it is unclear what actually when on during that time, especially since I wasn't there (I was being passed from group home to group home at the time). I long for justice and recompense, although I do worry about losing the emotional stability I have gained after working so hard all these years to put it behind me, if I were to open the wounds again. This is one of the main reasons I never went after them - I was a tortured boy overwhelmed by the extent of horrific experiences, barely able to even survive, even less able to handle a court case and open the wounds wide open. I may become very successful in the coming years, and the future is finally beginning to look bright; but I am so angry that they stole over 20 years from me because of the horrible things they did to me. Is there anything I can do?

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You might have a cause of action against the foster family and/or the state. On the other hand, the statute of limitations may have run. It’s always best to consult with a good attorney to discuss the details before you act.

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If you want to have those who harmed you placed in jail, you should contact the police. If you want financial compensation for pain you endured you should seek relief through civil action. Since it has been so long since you were with these people, there may be a statute of limitations issue. However, your battle with PTSD may have prevented you from taking appropriate action prior to expiration of the statute of limitations. You should seek a consultation with a civil tort attorney and evaluate your options.


It's possible the statute of limitations was "tolled" (paused from running) because of the PTSD as someone stated already. You definitely need to contact a personal injury attorney ASAP to sort out your options. Good luck.