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Form I-864 - Income Tax Return

Houston, TX |

I am sponsoring my spouse for green card. I am including my parent's income, which they receive in form of government benefits, to meet the USCIS income requirement.

Based on above facts, do I need any other form other than 1040 as an evidence to the income requirements?
Also is a photocopy of the form 1040 that I filed with IRS enough or do I need to get an IRS unofficial transcript?

I would appreciate help

Thank You

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Your parents will also need to complete a Form I-864 on behalf of your spouse and you will both need to submit your most recent tax returns. (You & Parents)


If your parents live in your household, you can include their income in your Affidavit of Support and execute I-864A. Otherwise, you file separate Affidavit of Support executed by them. You can submit signed copy of form 1040, all schedules, W-2, and letter from employer. Your parents will have to submit their 1040, if filed separately, proof of government benefits, letter that they will continue to recieve the benefits, proof of immigration status (birth certificate or U.S. passport or green card). IRS transcripts are not required but always better.