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Forgiveness of Probation or Revocation

Dallas, TX |

My friend was placed on 10 year probation in Denton Co for a drug charge in 1994. She served 30 days on work release, completed some of her community service and reported to her probation officer for a few months. Then, not having completed the required GED, revocation was threatened. She hired lawyer who got the revocation lifted, which he did, but he never told her and she was never able to reach him again. She therefore, in fear, left Denton County for Dallas County, where she has lived ever since and has not had any other offenses. A warrant is outstanding. She now wants to clear her record, since she is 59 years old and raising grandchildren. The probationary period ended in 2005, although she didn't report and didn't complete all the requirements of it. What can she request?

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Your friend is in a tough spot. Regardless of what her lawyer told her, she is still responsible for reporting to her probation meetings and fulfilling the other conditions imposed by the judge. It sounds as if she has absconded for several years and has avoided being arrested so far. She is potentially on the hook for up to the maximum amount of time in prison that the judge gave her when she was sentenced back in 1994. What happens is ultimately up to the judge whose court she was on probation in.

Your friend needs to contact a lawyer that practices in Denton County and discuss her options. Most attorneys do free consultations, so she should be able to get a local perspective about what is likely to happen if she turns herself in.

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