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Forgery of financial instrument

Fort Worth, TX |

I am being charged with felony forgery of a financial instrument after my old apartment manager and her family is accusing me of steaaling a social security check. I hired a lawyer but she doest really give me any answers. I found out that the check was supposidly stolen in September 09 and then cashed in November 09 at a convience store. I was then shown a copy of the check and clearly my handwriting doesnt match (my lawyer even says so) but the problem is that the store clerk picked me out of a line up in March 2010. After speakign with a friend of mine that also knows this store clerk she informed me that he would pick anyone that he has seen before just to get the cops to leave. A handwriting analysis was performed on the check but it was not compared to my writing. Suggestions?

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When I have a client who insists that he did not commit the crime of which he is being accused, I wll sometimes refer the client to be tested by defense-retained polygraph expert. If the result confirms that the client is telling the truth, this will sometimes pave the way to the charge being dismissed. Be sure that the referral is done through a defense attorney, and that everything is done on a confidential basis.


It's the State's case to prove beyond a reasonable doubt! You need a defense attorney who is not afraid to proceed to trial. If you are innocent, NEVER PLEAD GUILTY!

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