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For waiver I-601A- documentation ?

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If I'm trying to prove that my husbands native country, Ecuador, has a poor (repressed-# 127 compared to #10 USA) Economy and the education is poor (for myself as I am in College now) What documentation could I use to prove this? (for hardship if I were forced to move to Ecuador)

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Do a Google search for Country Conditions Ecuador and you will be linked to the State Department website on this subject. You can also check out other resources indicated. I-601A's are very complex cases and I woudl strongly suggest you retain an attorney to help guide you through the proof to be submitted. If what you send is insufficient and your case is denied, you can re-apply but you will lose substantial time and would then need to retain an attorney and have to explain the new evidence as well as your old evidence.

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Try State Department's country conditions report on Ecuador. However, you really have to show a lot more than that to prove extreme hardship.


I agree with my colleagues and add that you really need to retain an experienced immigration attorney to handle the case.

J Charles Ferrari Eng & Nishimura 213.622.2255 The statement above is general in nature and does not constitute legal advice, as not all the facts are known. You should retain an attorney to review all the facts specific to your case in order to receive advise specific to your case. The statement above does not create an attorney/client relationship. Answers on Avvo can only be general ones, as specific answers would require knowledge of all the facts. As such, they may or may not apply to the question.


There are many sources on the internet that will demonstrate Ecuador's economic struggles, education struggles, and other related difficulties you would face if you had to return to Ecuador with your husband. These are important to include in an I-601A application, and good articles that you find wll be considered by those adjudicating your application.
I strongly suggest you consult with a qualified immigration attorney in order to prepare the I-601A. You need to demonstrate BOTH that you would suffer an extreme hardship here in the US on your own (without him) AND that it would be an extreme hardship for you to relocate to Ecuador. These things can be demonstrated many ways--and to demonstrate them, you need to include more than country conditions.

This answer is general in nature, and not intended as legal advice. You are advised to contact a qualified immigration attorney who can analyze the specific facts of your case, and who can give you accurate legal advice.


Of all the petitions to be filed with USCIS this, and an asylum petition, should always be filed with an attorney. There is no appeal for a 601, and generally economic hardship to the immigrant is not a consideration (but the economic hardship to a Citizen if the citizen had to live without the financial support of a deported spouse might be.)

This is not legal advice until I am retained and have reviewed all facts about your situation.


It is really in your best interest to hire an attorney to guide you through this process. There is no appeal and you are at a detriment doing this on your own. To get the waiver granted you have to demonstrate two things. 1) You cannot (not don't want to) move to Ecuador to be with your husband and, 2) you cannot (again, not don't want to) live here without him. It is not easy to do, especially in young marriages. The economy alone is not going to convince the decider as most of the countries waivers are being applied from are not doing all that well. Think about making a consultation to discuss the process. Good Luck!

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