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For the state of Massachusetts, can someone register a vehicle in their name but the insurance be in someone else's name?

Springfield, MA |

I live in Massachusetts and I have a vehicle I would like to register in my name. I can't get insurance in my name without paying out high dollars for it. So my question is, can I register it in my name but have the insurance in someone else's name?

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You need to be very careful that you do not misrepresent any information on the application of insurance. If you are not truthful, the insurance company can void the policy at a later date in the misrepresentation is material. You should be able to direct your question to an insurance agent in Mass. to see if any insurance company would knowing provide insurance under those circumstances.


The vehicle must be insured in the registered owner's name. Otherwise, people would do this all the time to save money and avoid higher fees for prior accidents, tickets, etc.


The only individual who has an insurable interest in the motor vehicle is its owner. This is why the owner is the only person who can take out insurance on the vehicle. Most insurance agents ask for a copy of the registration to verify ownership.

Think about it. A hates B. B buys a nice new car. A goes behind B's back and takes out insurance on B's car in A's name. A pushes the B car over a cliff and tries to collect. First of all this is a clear case of insurance fraud. Second of all the insurance company would have no obligation to pay on any claim because A has no insurable interest in the vehicle. A has suffered no economic loss, B has. That is why only the actual owner can insure a vehicle in their own name. Not to mention the fact that the conduct is fraud and also a crime. But, I hope this helps.

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