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For Doing Business As, can I use my last name and add properties without filing fictitious business name in Pa?

Philadelphia, PA |

I want to lease a house in pa and want to use Jones properties as my business name. Jones is my last name. Do I need to file paper work for adding properties. I will have sole proprietor ship.

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You should form an entity, most likely a limited liability company, to own the property and lease it out. This will protect you from the potential of having your personal assets exposed it there is liability beyond any insurance coverage. I would be happy to speak with you further about this if you would like to call me (215-525-1165 x101).

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Operating or leasing under a fictitious name will not offer you any protection from personal liability. You should discuss your short and long term plans with an attorney who can explain the benefits of the different types of business formations, including a corporation or a limited liability company. I am happy to take your call.


Your plan does not protect you from liability as the others have said, so why then bother with the business name at all - just rent it out as the owner? Is there more to this that we don't see? If you are not interested in liability protection but really want a business name, yes you need the DBA certificate to be Jones Properties - getting the doing-business-as certificate is usually a quick trip to the City Hall.