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For deffered action i765 worksheet

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For deffered action i765 worksheet as my annual income i put 0 because im not working and for my annual expenses i put 0 and assets i put zero but i explained that i wanted to be finnancially independent from my mom is that ok or should i have put something else

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You CANNOT list your expenses as "zero"! You must list your best estimate for clothing, food, lodging (accommodation, rent, etc.), transportation costs and so on and so forth.. If you don't prove "economic necessity", you will not be issued the EAD. Dont' be afraid, list all your possible expenses!

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I already mailed in my application but i called immigration and they said i can mail them a letter so they can update that info do you think that would be fine.


I agree with my colleague.

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Will it affect me if i explain that i want to be financiallyindependent from my mom and she is a single mother


I agree with the other attorneys, list all your expenses. I also recommend consulting with an immigration attorney to review your application.

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