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For CR green card conditions to be removed lawyers state: prove you are still Married in good faith, show still living together

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The old evidence which allowed the CR spouse to obtain the CR g . c . is still there ( pictures / old affidavits ) but that was when CR spouse was living overseas and sponsor was in the U . S . Since CR spouse has been in the states , this spouse continues to have no money , no job and thus no evidence of commingled assets , debts and financial responsibilities . There is joint tax filing and medical insurance but that is it . No shared bank account , c . card , no pica of friends / family . Fact is CR spouse is actively looking to find new wife ( girlfriend ) , sleeping separately from wife , threatening to sue sponsor and living more or less as a roommate . Can CR spouse still get conditions removed under these circumstances ? And if the sponsor doesn't pay the fee to remove conditions ? Is this showing faith

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The standard is to show that the marriage was entered into in good faith. If the CR spouse can show that, he can get the conditions removed, even if the marriage has fallen apart since then. If the sponsor does not agree to file the I-751 jointly with the CR spouse (and refuses to pay the fee), the CR spouse can still get the conditions removed by filing a waiver (and paying the fee himself), going to the interview alone, and proving good faith marriage. The officer will look at the marriage harder in this case, but if the CR spouse can prove the good faith marriage, it won't stop him from getting the conditions removed.

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If the marriage is falling apart, then as mentioned, you can file for a waiver of the joint filing to remove conditions. You will need as much proof as possible to show that you entered the marriage in good faith. You will have to pay the filing fee. In some cases, you can obtain a one year extension on your green card. However, USCIS will need evidence to show why you are seeking a waiver of the joint filing requirement prior to approving the application (e.g. a divorce judgment).


You should retain an experienced immigration lawyer to review all the facts, advise you, and handle the case. You can find one through

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