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For a summons for failure to attend a dui class, if I complete the class, can I get out of going to court?

Oakhurst, TX |

I live in texas currently, summons is in Washington state

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Perhaps. I'd suggest completing the class and hiring a WA DUI attorney to clear up the court case for you. Generally, you have to get permission from the court to do the class in another state. Best of luck.

Jasen Nielsen


If you go ahead and take the class you will do what you were already supposed to do. You will probably still have to attend the hearing, but it will be to your credit. Be sure you're represented by a competent DWI lawyer, otherwise it's like going to a gunfight with a knife. Good luck.


Mr. Eastland is correct. I would advise my clients in the same situation to complete the class then show up for the hearing and let them know it was completed. Thus, the answer to you question is no you cannot get out of going to court. Good luck.

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