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For a second parole violation, is there a chance for ISF or will you be sent back to prison to finish out parole?

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As a sex offender, he violated a parole the first time by being around a college campus even though it was on his schedule to do so, and now a child was in the office when he walked in and then he turned to walk out the door (as he was told to leave if there was a child there), as his parole officer walked in... THe officer gave him no chance to explain the situation and acted as if he were psychic and assessed the situation just from walking in the door. In this case, he was sent to ISF the first time. Will he automatically be sent back to prison for a second violation or is there a chance for ISF. We haven't had the hearing yet but I would like to be ready for the worst if it comes down to it.

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He won't automatically be sent anywhere. I would hire an attorney to represent him at the parole hearing. Feel free to call my office if you need a referral.

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If the child was there when he walked in then there should be witnesses to that fact. In 20 years of representing people in their parole revocation hearings it has been my experience that sex offenders get much less slack than other offenders. He needs a good attorney experienced in the parole revocation process. Not all criminal defense attorneys have that kind of knowledge.
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Get an attorney to help you, for sure!!!