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For 3 days i have been getting phone calls from different loan and pay day places.

Sacramento, CA |

i am on a do not call list. they laugh when i tell them do not call anymore. one guy said but i love you. calls begin at 6 A.M and end at 9 P.M today in 6 hrs has been7 calls. on the 17 dec it was over 44. 18 continued so that night i took and kept my phone of the hook for most of the 19. they are all with accents all men. (india type accent) most #s are unknown, others say disconected if you call back. phone co can not block unknown. and they want me to pay more to get block (when 99% would not make a difference) other option change my # (hassle) and they can not guarantee it will stop with new #. in fact i know for months i will get calls for prev. owner.

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Take a look at the TCPA

Statutory fines are set at $500 per unsolicited solicitation.



so who do i talk to? or do i have to do a bunch of small claims?

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