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Food stamp when stay with family

Richmond, VA |

Can I get SNAP if my unemployed but not disabled mother stays with me. Is there any possibility that her stay with me can affect the decision process?

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Yes, you may still get Food Stamps/SNAP benefits. You will need to report any new household members right away to your worker/the food stamp office. It's always best to do that in writing. Ideally, you should bring in a letter to the office and get a date stamped copy for your own records, to prove that you reported her moving in. You will also have to report whether she is buying and preparing food with you, as well as her income and resources. Whether you will continue to qualify, or if your benefits will increase or decrease will depend on those factors (if she is sharing food, if she has any income/assets). Remember to appeal any notices about your Food Stamps that you don't agree with.

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YEs, apply and tell them your arrangements to find out exact amount you can get.

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