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FOIA request - Brother in law was killed in a police shooting, in our house. He was schizophrenic, had not taken his medication,

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broke into some alcohol and drank, and found an assault rifle (legal). He surely began hallucinating, pushed couches against the doors, blocked entries in to the home, and just had a really bad episode. Swat arrived and shot him with AR-15's and shotguns. He was a good boy and we did not blame anyone. The home was destroyed with gas bombs through windows, bullet holes from the shooting, which took place throughout the home. We did not want to sue anyone, its was sad and depressing. From the photos we believe he may not have been armed at the moment of the shooting, because the assault rifle was traced in a position that could not have allowed his possession prior to being shot. We only wanted to request the testimony from the police interview with those show shot him, because according to

newspapers accounts where officers were interviewed, our victim had possession of the firearm at the time of the shooting. Do we have to prove standing for the request? If this happened 5 years ago or so, is it too late to make such a request?

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If you change your mind about suing please call me



Dont know who Alex jones is, but my brother in law had lead in his face and arterial blood all over the house, which I cleaned up before writing his eulogy and burying him in the ground.


If you change your mind about suing please call me


I suggest you contact the other attorney on this panel who has invited you to contact him.

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