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Flying internationally with a warrant

Phoenix, AZ |

So i think that i might have a warrant for failure to pay fines for a minor in consumption and a shoplifting charge. I check the public records site, but they dont cover the court house that i went to so icant tell. I also goto the maricopa county webpage where they have something called techno cops that allows you to search for warrants in that county which is where the city i got arrested in. Well currently im in france visiting with my dad, and in 2 months i fly back to phoenix arizona. I dont know what state i initially fly into and go through customs. But will i get arrested where ever i fly in if i have a warrant?? and what will happen if i get arrested? are my charges enough to get me arrested? or will they let me go??

and by the way, when i search myself on the maricopa webpage, nothing comes up for me. I even called the jail and what they told me was to goto the webpage and see if my name was on there.

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Whenever you fly into the US and cross through a border check, you have the risk of a warrant showing up and getting arrested. You can either wait until you fly into the US and see what happens, or you could hire a lawyer to research the warrant issue, enter an appearance for an out-of-country client, negotiate a lifting of the warrant, and a surrender date for after you return to the country. As to the seriousness of the charges being enough to warrant an arrest at the border, given the type of record checks being done on in-coming flights, you should assume that if there is a warrant they will at least be aware of it.

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