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Florida Ticket for improper backing ( reverse parking) got into accident with another car backing. Should i take this to court.

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I was at the mall went to park but realized there was a small car parked there. So decided to Reverse Park to another spot .. Dont know how but i had an accident with another car who was backing out of their parking spot. I got so nervous and already thought it was my fault when the cops came and to add to that there was a witness who put the blame on me too. My insurance company gave me the confidence that both of us were backing so the fault should not be all mine. Do i have a chance in court ? i Just want to appeal for a lesser fine and for the points to be taken care of because i have to pay $500 insurance deductible and this will save me some money. But the ticket also warns us that the judge can Fine us to $500 if found guilty. Should i got to court or just pay the fine??

I dont have a bad driving record :) i have had one accident back in 2000 and one ticket after that of wrongful turn in 2003. Since then my driving record has been good. I guess maturity comes with age :) Thank u for those who have answered my questions ALL ur help is greatly appreciated.

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There's no guarantee; but it almost seems routine for the traffic magistrates to withhold adjudication and points in exchange for you paying the court costs. That being said, there are many exceptions to that. For example, if your driving record is real bad, then you might not get a break. I would consult a local firm that does ticket defense for specific recommendations.

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I would go to court. The cop did not see anything so his/her testimony is hearsay and you have an accident report privelege. The other driver could say it was your fault but would also admit that he was backing out as well. The Judge may be reasonable just because he doest not want a hearing. The Judge may keep the points off your record-withold and reduce the fine if you explain that restitution has been paid.

Good luck,

Mark Conan

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