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Florida Rule of Civil Procedure Form 1.9777 require to disclose on Fact Info Sheet living revocable trust held assets?

Hialeah, FL |

I received a default final judgment for $64,230 and wanted to know if the Florida Rule of Civil Procedure Form 1.9777 requires me to disclose any assets held in a living revocable trust if i am the trustee and beneficiary?

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Good question. Without knowing more, it is hard to say for sure. Generally, however, it will depend on the wording of the judgment (who it is against) and any disbursements that you received personally from the trust.

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It's my opinion that you should list the asset if you are receiving income or principal from the Trust. The asset is not exempt from a judgment creditor and the court could hold you in contempt for not being truthful on Form 1.9777.