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Florida property law and nuisance law, neighbor noise nuisance

Daytona Beach, FL |

What is law regarding peaceful enjoyment.

My neighbor plays the organ. Sometimes late at night. The bass reverberates through my house. We live in a mobile home park. Is there a certain time of day that they have to stop playing that annoying organ.

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This is a tough issue to litigate. Your county likely has an ordinance regarding sound and a certain decibel level will be considered nuisance. You can always call for law enforcement to investigate but that may only be helpful if the noise continues long enough for them to arrive and note the noise. If the noise does not reach a certain level, it is not actionable. They'll probably ask the neighbor to keep it down, though. Another option would be to consult with your condo association as there are likely rules/regulations for the premises and they can intercede for members. It is a subject that certainly requires some diplomacy, as your neighbor may not be going anywhere for a long time?

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