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Florida legal fee disputes--how are they handled

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In Florida, if there is a dispute over a legal bill how is this handled between a client and her lawyer. In other words, if you were a client of a Florida attorney, what steps would you take to resolve the matter. Is there a statute that covers how disputes are handled in Florida? All comments welcome. Would welcome comments from Florida as well as other states as how to approach this situation.


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Your contract with the attorney will control the fee dispute. Have the contract and issues reviewed by another attorney to determine your legal rights. There is no statute dealing with these types of disputes. The Florida Bar and some local bar associations have arbitration panels to resolve fee disputes. The attorney does not have to agree to participate it is voluntary.

The answers given are limited to the facts as given and presumed by the answer itself. Without seeing actual written documentation or having a conference to more fully explore the issues, this short answer has only limited application. Make sure to seek legal counsel and provide all documentation to get assistance in making informed legal choices., 305 377 1505


The first thing that you should do is talk to your lawyer about the dispute. Explain your concerns and let her explain her position. Perhaps you can work out a compromise. If that doesn't work, the most drastic remedy is to file a lawsuit (if you feels the lawyer owes you money), or let the lawyer sue you if you owe her money and defend the case on whatever basis you feel is your justification not to pay the demanded fee. That is going to cost you if you need to hire another lawyer to represent you. Another option is to seek help through the Florida Bar. This is a good place to start.