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Florida Governor Pardon

Miami, FL |

I am Looking to find information on how to obtain a Florida Governor Pardon as someone suggested in my last question. i have most of my information at the moment missing my dockets

what form do i need to send, what exactly do i send, where do i send it how long is the procedure

this is my last attempt to join the US army if this pardon i cannot seal or expunge my DUI ( DUI was for cannabis not alcohol)

Thank you for your replies Adam Lloyd Pollack you might have given me the best chance yet Thank you

oh would i need to hire a lawyer? how often are these pardon given out

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There is a pardon board in Tallahassee. You contact its staff and it should send you instructions and paperwork. You will find them probably on the governor's website. They will want certified copies of this and that together with testamonials from people who know you regarding your character. Ultimately, you will be called upon to appear before the state cabinet chaired by the governor in an auditorium in the capital. You will get your opportunity to explain why you want and ought to get a pardon. You may bring character witnesses to address the board. Usually, they will take it under advisement and let you know in writing several weeks later. This is not a swift process as the cabinet meets as the pardon board only a few times a year, I think. Nor does obtaining a pardon necessarily mean that you don't have to reveal the conviction to the military on an application, although when you explain the conviction you can state that you have the pardon.

Now there is a big difference between a pardon and an expungement or sealing of records. The expungement is given by the judge only regarding certain, non-violent, first offense, misdemeanors. Whether yours is a first offense or not, you don't say. Its been a while since I have done one of them. Perhaps one of my Florida colleagues can follow up and be more specific. It does not take nearly as long as a pardon nor is it nearly as complex as a pardon. But getting and expungement or sealing of the record does not necessarily mean that you can deny the conviction on certain applications. An expungement or sealing of records means that the record is not available to the public entitled to look up a criminal record (not everyone can do that). But that does not include all such as many government and law enforcement agencies. You will need an attorney for the expungement so ask him or her. With regard to the pardon, I have seen them done without attorneys.

Good luck.

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