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Florida Age of Consent Laws and the Vulnerability Act

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Hello, I'm a seventeen year old girl and I'm currently in a relationship with a fifteen year old boy. I turn eighteen in January and he turns sixteen in May. I love him dearly and his mother seems fine with the fact we are dating, as long as nothing sexual happens.

My biggest concern is I have an ex friend that is twenty-two years old, loved me, and is bit obsessed with me ever since I turned him down and chose to be with my current beau. In his jealousy and rage, he is currently talking about using the vulnerability act and reporting me to the law once I turn eighteen. I'm greatly worried. Is there anything that can be done to prevent him from interfering with my relationship? And what could happen if he does try to put an end to it via the law?

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As long as nothing sexual happens, then you have nothing to worry about. As a 17 year old or 18 year old you cannot have any sexual activity with a 15 year old, or it is a serious sex crime, and you could be jailed and labeled as a sex offender for life. Once your beau turns 16 you are free to do as you please. Best of luck to you!

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There are two issues here. Given the age difference between you and your beau, I would say keep it non-sexual until both of you are over 18. As for this twenty-two year old, his conduct is not normal. There is nothing you can legally do to stop him based upon what you have described here, but I would recommend doing whatever is in your power to distance yourself from him. Even if you two did date, it is your prerogative to move on if you wish, and the conduct you describe suggests the twenty-two year old has control issues. If he keeps up, it may not hurt to have your parent or guardian gently but firmly tell him to leave you alone (and if that happens it is then up to you to refuse to have anything further to do with him).

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He cannot put an end to it via the law, but do yourself a favor and don't engage in sexual activity before he is 16 (or do what was the norm not real long ago - no sex until he's an adult, or even after your married).

If you are in fear of your ex, who you say is a bit obsessed with you, then you may want to file for an injunction (aka "restraining order"). Such is not automatic, but safety is the number one concern in such a matter.

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