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Flea infestation inside town home and common areas surrounding. Is this a matter I can bring up with HOA?

Huntington Beach, CA |

There are no animals in my house. The fleas are present on my patio and the common areas and walk ways of my complex. I have recently flea bombed my house. I had to leave my place for a few days it got so bad. I went back today to check on the status and fleas literally jumped on me while i walked up and jumped on me on the patio. I can't control the fleas. I killed four at my place. I was driving away to stay at my mom's and found a flea on my face! Then 4 more were in the car with me! Ridiculous! Neighbors blame the fleas on rats which they say are in the area because we live near a grocery store with dumpsters that attracts them. There aren't many outdoor pets, most people have indoor dogs and cats. I'm fed up and losing sleep. Who can I bring up the issue to?

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Report this to the HOA. They are responsible for the common areas.
You can also contact the health department, but that might create more problems for you then it would be worth.