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FL Jessica Lundsford Act question about child abuse Felons on (pre)school property.

Pompano Beach, FL |

A child abuse FELON has been warned under the FL Jessica Lundsford Act not to be on (pre)school property to drop off/pick-up step child, but has not yet been issued nor arrested for trespassing. Can this person be arrested on the spot if I call police? What can I do to stop him from being near my minor daughter? Thanks for your time.

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Without more information I can give a detailed answer, but the only ones who can really do anything about it are the cops. You should also try talking to whomever runs the daycare to see if they are aware of it and see what is going on with teh daycare.

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The Jessica Lunsford Act was enacted 2005 in response to the murder of Jessica Lunsford by someone who at one time had worked at her school. This law affects noninstructional school district employees or contractual personal who are permitted access on school grounds when students are present, who have direct contact with students or who have access or control of school funds. It would not appear to me that this Act would apply to this situation. While I believe sexual predators are not allowed on school campuses. I believe there is no restriction on adults who have been classified as sex offenders and have completed their sentences.

Madonna M. Finney
Board Certified Adoption Lawyer
Tallahassee, FL