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FL divorce law and domestic violence laws

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my wife placed an injuction order against me; we are going through divorce, We have one daughter (3 months old); one time I went to visit she did not let me out, I call 911 so did she. She claimed that i hit her. Nobody got arrested, the police made us write a statement of what happened. I got pictures of the scratches I got from her.
What is going to happen to me? Will I not be allowed to see my child at all?
I got to go to court next month because of that & don't know what happens in those cases and if that would stay in my record?

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If the injunction was placed after the alleged incident you will be ok. You should hire an attorney to fight the injunction for you. If the Injunction is Ordered the Court might give you supervised visitaiton if the injunction is for your wife and the baby if the injunction is just for her then you should get regular visitation.

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