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FL debt collection procedures, being sued for credit card payment

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debt collection laws in FL, credit card company suing for debt owed
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sued for credit card debt: florida suncoast credit union, locked my checking account because i was two payments behind in my credit card payments to them.They only released it after i paid them.i needed the money for medical problems with my kids, and to make the mortgae payment. i was so angry i stopped depositing, and went to a real bank. when i tried to make payment arrangements with them i was told, and i qoute,"NOPE". i stopped reciveing statements from them and months later i find i am being sued . the seem very unwarranted, if they worked with me i could pay them.I don`t know what to do next, should i call them, or get my own attorney, i am like most bareley able to make ends meet, i just need some guidance.(and a spell checker)

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Nothing obligates a creditor to make a payment arrangement. But nothing is stopping you from making payments anyway, which they have to credit to your account.

Now that you are being sued, you need to find an attorney in your state. The lawyer database at the National Association of Consumer Advocates is probably the best place to start looking.