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Fl- 180 Form

Tarzana, CA |

Getting free assistance in Los Angeles County is proving to be difficult. I have done 99% of this divorce paperwork by myself, but the court returned my fl 170 and fl 180.

We have children but the divorce has gone into default so we do not have any agreements or stipulated agreements. The returned paperwork states: FL-170 #7-8 not checked, but i think it states that because I accidentally checked answers on FL-180 #4 when I should have just left it blank.

FL 170 states #7 Child Cutody should be ordered as set forth...
#8 Child visitation should be ordered as set forth...

Now that I correct FL 180 to not check anything within #4 should I still check #7 & #8 or should I leave those blank as well?

Please I need help!

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You indicate you have children.
Because you have children, on #170 (Declaration for Default or Uncontested), items #7 (Child Custody), and #8 (Child visitation), need to be checked.
Then on #180(Judgment) you need to check #4. and the approriate boxes, and that will include numbers 4.K, 4.l., 4.m.
If you do not have a judgment regarding custody and visiation, you walk away with absolutely no orders, and this issue can be litigated tomorrow, or years from today.
Take care of it now.

Because on form 180 (Judgment), you check number 2 "Default or uncontested", all the proposed judgment will then become your final judgment.

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