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First time offense for 2 misdemeanor charges, including disorderly conduct and resisting an officer.

Mebane, NC |

I was arrested the day before Thanksgiving for the above charges. My parents had asked me to house sit while they were away. I have been in recovery for alcoholism for about 5 months now (voluntarily go to ASAP/AA/Therapy) and relapsed on the night in question. My parents had found out I was drinking and had my brother-n-law come and get me out of their house. I was irate and refused, because I had a key and thought it was silly. I called the cops myself (as did they) and got scared once i realized what I had done. I walked outside, and went across the street to the neighbors backyard and waited. It was there the officer found me and threatened to tase me if I didn't come out. I came out with hands in the air and he cuffed me. I cussed him and was taken to jail. What can I do, and expect?

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I would first get an attorney and second look into deferred prosecution. Since this is a first offense I don't think the court would bury you if you were convicted but you don't want to have any criminal record if you can avoid it.

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I suggest contacting a criminal defense attorney who is familiar with the policies of Alamance County. As suggested by the prior attorney, you may be eligible for some sort of deferred prosecution. The availability of this arrangement however will depend on the policies of your specific county. Most attorneys offer a free consultation; utilize this to educate yourself on some of your options. Best of luck.

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Definitely get help. I used to work with the elected DA in Alamance. You need someone to speak for you who knows the policies and procedures. They can help ensure the best outcome.


You already have good answers regarding the charges. I just want to encourage you to continue treatment for your alcoholism. That is the top prioriy for you and can only help you eith these charges. Good luck to you.

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