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First time offense, domestic violence, will I go to jail?

Tucson, AZ |

I was arrested for domestic violence assault and criminal damage. It is the first time i've been in trouble and I didn't mean for everything to go as far as it did, will I go to jail?

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Assuming you are charged with misdemeanors, it is unlikely you would receive jail, BUT as always it depends on the overall circumstances (and of course that assumes you are convicted of one or both of the charges). Make sure you have a lawyer, and discuss these issues with him/her.


If this is your first offense and you are charged with misdemeanor offenses, the likelihood of you going to jail is very low. With that being said however, the Judge in any class 1 misdemeanor case can impose a term of jail up to six months. Because you are exposed to the potential of jail you should be appointed a lawyer (if you cannot afford one). If you can afford an attorney you should begin looking for one sooner rather than later.

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