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First time H1B Stamping in Vancouver,Canada - Did Bachelors in Home Country itself!

Seattle, WA |

Came to US on L1 (already was stamped in home country), and got H1 On Sep 2008 and never been to stamping on H1...Can I go to Vancouver for stamping or am I supposed to go to my home country itself for the first time on H1. Is this a rule to go to only home country ??

(Stamped) L1 Visa - May 2007 to Sep 2008 (Not Stamped) H1B Visa - Oct 2008 to current date

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The consulate in Vancouver has discretion to process your case as a Third-Country National (TCN) application. However, in liaison meetings with our bar they have expressed a reluctance to process TCN applications for first time visas, especially in the case of an H-1B where the education is not US or Canadian. So, although it is not a set rule that you process in your home country, there may be a reluctance to process in Vancouver and you may be told to go home to do it. You should also be aware (depending on what type of work you do), of the likelihood of additional security clearance requirements that can delay the issuance of the visa.

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