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First ticket how can i get avoid licencs points or to get rid of it all together?

Salisbury, NC |

im 22 and live in salisbury nc. i was ticketed going 34mph in a 20mph zone going home trough a little place called spencer, and i didnt realize that the speed changed through there since it was my frist time driveing through spencer and this is my first traffic vilation, i thought i was driving the correct speed. i was going home from grabing lunch from town and tried and alternate route to avoid heavy traffic that i normally encounter.

oh the regular speed through out the town is 35mph and that was what i thought the speed limit was, so i drove it.

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There's bad news and possibly good news. The bad news is that speeding is not an "intent" crime. That means it doesn't matter whether or not you meant to speed over the limit.

The possibly good news requires that you try to get a court date for your ticket. In many jurisdictions a fine at court may be less than paying the ticket outright. Also, if the police officer who wrote you the ticket does not appear, the state may dismiss the charge against you. This wouldn't happen if you paid by mail. Now, keep in mind that every jurisdiction is different, so you should retain local counsel.

You can also visit my site at for more information on speeding tickets in Illinois, or call at (847)337-2716. All discussion is informational only and do not create an attorney-client relationship nor does it constitute legal advice.


How long have you lived in Salisbury without going through Spencer to go north on 85?????

So you have a ticket in Rowan. Life as you know it is not over yet. You really should get any of the local Salsbury attorneys to get you a reduced non moving violation. It's easy and worth the money!!! Do not hesitate on this one. Best of Luck!


PS - Intent has nothing to do with this ticket. The judge would laugh at you and would say that you intended to drive didn't you. So you intended to press the gas, if only a little too hard.

Also in Rowan, the police officer not showing up thing does not work. They will continue this until the officer can show up for his regular scheduled court date.

AND DO NOT PAY THIS TICKET BY MAIL!!!!! You would be admitting guilt and no attorney can help you then. Take Care!

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