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First Speeding ticket in Wake County NC. What to do?

Raleigh, NC |

I just got my first speeding ticket in Wake County NC. It was for going 69mph on a 55mph zone. It's my first speeding ticket. I don't know what to do about it. I don't want to get points on my license or insurance, because points on either one will increase my insurance rate. I don't just want to pay off the ticket because that's an automatic plead of guilty. What should I do to not receive points on my license or insurance?

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In North Carolina, if you haven't had a traffic ticket (of any kind) in the past three years, you weren't speeding in a school zone, and the ADA agrees to reduce the charge to 9 over the posted limit, then your insurance will not increase. You must plead responsible in court for this to occur after talking with the ADA. You will get points on your license for any moving violation, but speeding is only 1 or 2 points, depending on the posted limit. You will have to pay court costs and a fine set by the judge. You may hire an attorney to take care fo this for you, meaning you would not even have to show up at the courthouse on your court date. Make sure you are completely truthful with your attorney in regard to your driving record and the driving record of anyone else on your insurance.

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Hire a lawyer to go to court with you and he/she should be able to plea bargain the ticket down to another violation that may have less points to it and less fines.

Good luck.


I am an attorney in Wake County and generally the District Attorney will allow a reduction of your speed. Unless you want your insurance to increase you must get your speed reduced and not just send in the money and pay the ticket. If you would like further advice or representation of this tickets please contact my office.